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Another THROWBACK art piece, but told in the modern days of 2016!!

I wanted to make this art available through my DeviantArt account!! Because this was a best seller during the times I did the Creations Of Hope // CREATOPIA gallery in October/November of 2016.

For some reason, this struck a nerve with people!! Cause it was an art piece about death metal. 

[Like a throwback to when I was doing a 6-part story for Furrlough called DEATH METAL BUNNY BRIGADE. But without the bunnies!]

It got inspired because of seeing Suffocation in KC a day before my first emergency kidney stones operation in July of 2016. I drew this after I got somewhat better. health-wise. 

Anyway, I do hope you like this art piece!!

:alien: :alien: :alien: 
Some art that i'd been meaning to get up for awhile.

This is from my 2016 sketchbook. Something that I drew in 2 pieces. 

[Form and then the words.]

It's basically an archetype about STRENGTH

Sort of a throwback to earlier pieces I did in the 2000s. But sort of abstracted yet constructed for 2016.

Anyway, I do hope you like this!! It's raw and BLACK AND WHITE. Just the way it should be!!

:alien: :alien: :alien: 
This art piece is about a roommate I had in the hospital. Aptly named ROBBIE.

During my second kidney stones surgery in this middle of October 2016. I met this guy who was quite possibly a suicide survivor. A very scraggly guy who mumbled a lot an snored very loudly in his sleep!

He had survived quite a bit of other things too. I remember he had 2 wrapped stumps for legs, and was in a black industrial wheelchair provided by the hospital.

He also had this yellow bracelet on that said RISK. So he was on medical watch about every hour or so. Sometimes every other hour.

I had to get a red wrist band with ALLERGY written on it!! I do remember that. Cause red wristbands are more harmless then yellow wristbands, I suppose!?

He was a guy who kept bumming me for food and cigarettes. And I don't smoke at all. Hell, he even called me KOOL-AID cause I kept whizzing a red colored substance.

On the second day of my discharge. I had a huge plate of food that I just cloud not finish off on my own. I left dizzy and medicated. And I gave this guy the rest of my lunch. Cause he was already there in a downtown Kansas City hospital for his 4th day. [Appropriately called HOSPITAL HILL!! Cause they got several hospitals in one section on Kansas City, Missouri.]

YES....Robbie is somewhere out there in the Kansas City area. Hopefully not trying to drink or smoke up a storm. And HOPEFULLY keeping out of trouble.

Hopefully Robbie survived it all and got discharged out of the hospital.

But Robbie wants none of your apple juice!

:D :alien: :gun: :)
This is art about a mutant in a tank!!

I don't know if I intentinally made this tank phallic or not!? But this is what it became somehow! The ultimate war weapon of mutants everywhere!

Really I think this art is about warfare and psychological damage and scarring of a war. Lots of kanji symbols of CHEMICAL WARFARE and PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE in this one.

The actual art took me 2 1/2 days to do. 1 day for the drawing part itself, and 1 1/2 days to actually color it on a Monday late night. There is a lot of blood red in it. Once I carved out the solutions in this art, It all came together rather nicely.

It's not meant to be soft! It's meant to be REALLY HARD and INSANE!! Like a dirty battle!! It's ugly and it's harsh! Ravaging upon a person's very element of survival.

Well, anyway. I do hope you like this one!!


So yeah....I HAD FUN WITH THIS ONE DAY!! One day I was in my Twitter, and I remembered how much I has SUFFERED doing the arts in my time! Even now, I am basically BLACKLISTED from the so-called “Bartle Hall Comic Shows” in the Kansas City area! Which is both hurtful and ridiculous for me anyway! Seeing as how i'd been in well over 100+ publications anyway! WHICH INCLUDES ACTUAL COMIC BOOKS!!

[The stigmas have GOT TO FREAKING STOP about my PTSD! Geeze!]

Then one day! I saw this TWITTER HASHTAG that was called #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists! IT WAS THE BEST HASHTAG IN A TWITTER I HAD SEEN IN QUITE A LONG TIME!! It was so brilliant and amazing, I just had to really run with it all!! And it made me A HERO to those who don't get recognized in the art....Cause chances are, THEY TOTALLY WENT THROUGH IT AS WELL!!

They were so TERRIBLY AMUSING to post up online for me in my TWITTER!! I posted something like 20 ACTUAL RESPONSES IN 2 HOURS TIME!! [So here they are....IN IT'S ENTIRETY!! The responses I posted to THINGS PEOPLE SAY TO ARTISTS!!!] All of the fickle things you hear being and actually LIVING in the true arts nowadays in the 21st century! But the ones who don't DRAW OR WRITE OR CREATE don't tend to see it the same way as a visionary artist and/or writer!

ENJOY THESE!! They are pretty damned hilarious and even deadpan humorous!

NOTE: The response about DOKKEN is an modified answer of what I already wrote anyway!

:alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien:

"Sure you can do a 120 page graphic novel for me in 2 DAYS! CAUSE YOU HAVE TALENT! Food shopping from the store!?" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"You say you went to art school in college, huh, Mickmo!? Well!
Picasso was my favorite post-impressionist!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"I didn't know you were in 100+ publications with art, Mickmo! I was an extra on the Lawrence Welk before! HONEST!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

OTHER GUY: Can you draw me IRON MAN!
ME: No! But I can draw Enid from #GhostWorld!
OTHER GUY: Is Enid an eraser brand!? - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"REALLY!? You've done 3 ACTUAL GALLERY ART PIECES for @ConanOBrien!? That's cool! I met Jerry Springer once!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

GUY 1: Why is your name Mickmo?
ME: It's an amalgamation of my 2 names anyway!
GUY 2: You ever meet BROM then!? - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"Camille Pissaro! Oh he was BRILLIANT! Especially when he did the Guernica painting....UP CLOSE, THAT IS!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"We don't want you at our comic show this year, Mickmo! But your table mate who had 2 weeks of drawing courses said HEY!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

You mean to tell me you went to ACTUAL ART SCHOOL!? In the 90s!? #LongviewCommunityCollege offers gaming art classes now! - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"Why do you need to do the ONE NAME THING, Mickmo!? Everybody else has 3 maiden names and 2 social security numbers now!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"You'd been surviving #PTSD for 28 odd years and do ART!? You know Van Gogh had a brother named THEO, right!?" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"What do you mean you've created #art of SERIAL KILLERS!? I am sure #Caravaggio never tried to hurt anybody!" ;) - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

HIM: You ever meet #StanLee?
ME: No I was just up there plugging my art!
HIM: Can you get me his autograph!? - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

ME: I just LOVE Heavy Metal Magazine! You ever read it!?
OTHER GUY: NO! But DOKKEN: DREAM WARRIORS and METALLICA: ONE was playing on my radio, dude! - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

I don't want ANYTHING that looks like contemporary art! Can't you just draw me the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!? - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"Whatdayamean you LIVED in the same area as Thomas Hart Benton!? I thought you lived 3 blocks away from the guy!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"JACK KIRBY!! No, I've never heard of him! SOUNDS FAMILIAR! But i've heard a PHIL KIRBY! Are they brothers!?" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

CAN YOU DRAW MY KID!? He's a hyperactive 2-year fukktot & I don't have a picture with me! BUT IT'S FOR MY WIFE!! - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

JOHN WAYNE GACY! Oh, I never knew he painted and drew stuff! D'ya think John Wayne ever had any creative spurts!? #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

OK! ONE MORE! "Blacklisting!? IN THE ARTS!? I thought you could buy a CARBON BLACK ACRYLIC PAINT at Michael's!!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

:alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien:

And that's basically it!! 20 whimsical, funny and SHARP responses in my own little ART WORLD!! The sometimes fickle and plastic art works I am forced to endure in my lifetime!

BUT THEY could ALL BE TOTALLY TRUE!! Cause they are!! HEH!!


:alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien:

  • Listening to: SAXON!! [Brilliant music!]
  • Reading: Maurvern's Manic Typing Skills INCORPORATED!!!!
  • Watching: EDGE OF TOMORROW!!! [And THE FLY: 1958!]
  • Playing: With Imaginary Girlie-Boobies IN MY HEAD!


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