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Envision End-Vision by mickmoart
Envision End-Vision

An art piece in the beginnings of December of 2014!!! [This art took me about 4 1/2 days from start to finish and TOO MANY INTERRUPTIONS!!!]

This was inspired by dreams I had about searching for A GOLDEN OBELISK, VISIONS OF THE FUTURE and AN ALL SEEING-EYE!!!

And the more I thought about the dreams and the images accompanying it! Those more solid the ideas and thoughts became in able to complete this one art piece! There were a lot of reds and golds in my dream that I had remembered!

I wanted to use some of the most VIBRANT COLOR SCHEMES that I'd ever used in an art piece since my Conan O'Brien stuff! I feel like the art DID have to vibrate somehow in all of it's resonance! 

Putting the art in some sort of synthesis with the overall art piece itself!

I guess I pulled a bit from a MARK ROTHKO influence as well! Maybe a bit of Picasso as well!?

But yeah, the art really FLOWED TOGETHER the way I really wanted it to! It all came together at the end! Probably a lot more in the way of perfection rhen I ever even realized!

Thank goodness!!!


Silent Scream by mickmoart
Silent Scream

An art piece that was 28 years in the making for me! I was diagnosed with PTSD in/around 2007. I had CONSTANTLY endure flashbacks and word/picture triggers related to my post-traumatic stress disorder!

So this art piece represents HOPE through the dismal times that I endure! Sometimes you go through life, beginning a journey in purity and then living through the pains and the scars through your life! All the realizations that the heart is a ticker for time and your life. And the metronome represents TIME! And I suppose TIME IS STILL HOPE!

It's all ONE DAY AT A TIME!!! And one moment at a time! Even though I have had PTSD for 3/4ths of my life anyway! Every once in while....I HAVE A GOOD DAY!

This art is all about the past, present and future of my psyche!

It's a symbolic piece of what I endure every single day! Though the bad AND THE GOOD! I hope you like this art! Even though I am sure, this art will be up for interpretation.




How all of the art that is recognized to me got published FROM THE "OUTSIDE" OF KANSAS CITY!!! Well, cause I always felt like I was undermined for being a misunderstood PTSD survivor and just doing great art in general!

That really is true!!! When I was in the CCN [Comics Creators Network] in Kansas City, people only seen ONE THING!!! That CNN work that I was proud of at the time. But the morons and the powers-that-be in town really thought....”OH, WELL, HE'S JUST A CNN GUY!!! We can stomp on him for awhile! LET'S REJECT HIS RAW GENIUS TO WE CAN TELL OUR BUDDIES! So we can reign over shitty-ass Kansas City!”

Later on in life....I realized if you were making it in Kansas City! That this place was an ass-backwards place to begin with anyway! Full of sheep and ass-backwards followers and money-grubbing assholes!

But then when I think further about my life and the shape and course of this! ALL OF MY NOTABLE WORKS CAME FROM “OUTSIDE” OF KANSAS CITY! That is to say that everything that was substantial was done from this shithole I call Kansas City....BUT PUBLISHED WITH INTENTIONS OF BEING ON THE OUTSIDE OF THIS KANSAS CITY PLACE!!! Does that make any sense!? 

Another words, if I REALLY WAS MAKING IT in Kansas City....I still would not be recognized anyway! Cause in Kansas City Missouri and Kansas....IT'S FUCKING BLEAK!!! It's the most barren wasteland I have ever lived in! I had been living here all of my fucking life! And it always feels great when I SEE OTHER THINGS!!! OTHER PLACES!!! And i'd only been on a round-trip plane trip 3 times in my life!

I did well over 40+ art and stories for Radio Comix and Antarctic Press! BOTH ARE TEXAS-PLACED COMIC BOOK COMPANIES! Those were some fun gigs for me!

I did band art for Grenouer out of Moscow, Russia and Belgium's Punished Earth too!

But my most notable things WERE OUTSIDE OF MISSOURI!!! That year of 2011 I did the art for the Conan O'BrienTBS, CNN people WAS JUST OUTSTANDING FOR ME AT THE TIME! I loved it! :heart: By far, it was fun cause there were no limits! [Other then signing your life away to have it become a Ted Turner property!] I had so much fun expressing myself in those art pieces! I did The Flaming C because of it's originality and you could approach your own vision THE WAY YOU SAW THAT VISION!! AND IT WAS FEATURED AT COMICON INTERNATIONAL 2011 DOWN THE STREET FROM THE EVENT!!! 

But my best art was with CONAN NYC! I did a piece that took up it's own wall. And the people who printed the stuff were totally supportive of my visions! Thanking me, telling me I did a great job and that they wanted this art to be A FEATURED ART PIECE! I loved working with the Conan folks! It allowed my art to be features in/around San Diego Comicon 2011 and New York! I mean, this was CONAN O'BRIEN!!! The prince-king of late night television! There was viral marketing of many of the art pieces in that in some for or another with all of that! The most notable being Fredrico Uribe [An artist who is known for using FOUND OBJECTS to make sculptures.] and Nathan Sawara [A noted LEGO artist.]! I was so terribly thankful to be a part that entire thing from a shitty-ass town....words do not even begin to describe the joy I feel around all of that! ONE OF MY TOP ARTISTIC HIGHLIGHTS!!!

I still have this distinction of being the very first artist from Kansas City who had art shown with the Conan folks! And I think those Conan folks are pretty awesome anyway!

This was A TRUE SUCCESS TO ME!!! Success that would have never been made available to me if I was not thinking OUTSIDE OF THIS BOX I call the shitty-ass Kansas City area! That's the thing about my successes! They were NEVER recognized in Kansas City by the so-called mainstream media or the greedy-ass suits out here at all! THEY WERE ALL EXTERNAL!!! Where an outsider of his own lands of the Kansas City area could realistically say: “Hey, you know something!? YOU'RE TOTALLY RIGHT!!!”

The people the saw the Conan art at the time! They were either online folks or people greeting me at a store, saying: “Man, Mickmo! YOU DID IT!!! YOU MADE IT!!! That was some awesome stuff you did for Conan O'Brien! I loved it!”

When I went to WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO 2011! I was just blown away by entire thing back then! I still cite that as one of my best shows I ever did! The even more apparent shock to me! CERTAIN FOLKS KNEW WHO I ACTUALLY WAS!!! They knew me from the Conan art!

Yeah, I never got this sort of recognition here in Kansas City that i've seen some of these other morons actually get! If anything....I WAS IGNORED ENTIRELY BY THE MAINSTREAM IN KANSAS CITY!! Ignored for the fakes, frauds and the conceited out here! You know something!? In the end....I actually wondered that if getting recognized in Kansas City was actually the be-all-end-all!? And you know something.....IT AIN'T THE BE-ALL-END-ALL!!!

Maybe being ignored by the powers-that-be is some sort of blessing in disguise for me!? Oh, man, Kansas City sucks on so many sub-levels...that ain't even funny! The shape and the form of this town is just WRONG! When my artwork was recognized ON THE OUTSIDE!!! Then lo-and-behold....I DIDN'T FEEL LIKE ANY SORT OF “OUTSIDER”!

See, everything here is just outsourced in Kansas City! Even with culture! My mind noticed the variables in everything....AND I JUST CONSIDER IT TO BE WRONG!!! And who would not like me for saying this!? You guessed right if you said THE KANSAS CITY SHEEP!!

I think if I ever did make it here in Kansas City. It would have barely ever put a dent in anything out here in this shitty-ass barren wasteland! Because they follow the wrong things out here. I mean, I wish I were wrong in saying that. BUT I AIN'T WRONG ABOUT ANY OF IT! I have seen these people be the reverse of what it should have been!

They'd say: “Oh, we got this guy cause he is the student-of-the-month so-and-so at this high school!” or “We got this guy as a creator at our show cause he did a badly-drawn stick figure strip for The Kansas City Star and The Pitch!” You know what I am saying!? THE USUAL ASS-BACKWARDS BULLSHIT!!!

Thinking about this. I know I am right! I had to write a blog about it in my DeviantArt that only 1 OR 2 PEOPLE will actually read this thing!

Perhaps it is true! Y'know, in the end!? I AM STILL THE ARMY OF ONE!!! Maybe this writing will tell you why in more details as to the sufferings I REALLY GO THROUGH out in this place called the Kansas City area! But for once in my short-ass life....BEING THE OUTSIDER IS THE RIGHT THING TO BE OUT HERE!!! Away from the stupid crowds and the mindless follower morons! There's just too many naive minds out here to comprehend! The real thinkers rise down the below the sub-surfaces! They only come up as needed cause they are the critical thinkers out here of the demographics on KC, Missouri have gone horribly wrong!

Thanks for reading this blog, if you took the time to read it all! I know it's a lot to take in but it felt good to write this and get it out of my system! I AM STILL THE ARMY OF ONE!!! Yep! It all true too! I am totally thankful that the notable works in my art have made it outside of me and this sorry-ass driveling Kansas City area!

I know why they call Missouri MISERY!!! There is a reason for that! Cause it sucks ass out here!!!

:alien: :alien: :alien: :alien:

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